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Medals & Memorabilia

We understand the unique value of your memorabilia, and that's why we take great care in handling and displaying it appropriately. Our conservation framing techniques ensure that your cherished pieces are framed in a manner that allows for easy removal while preserving their original condition. Your memorabilia remains both well-protected and accessible when you choose our services.


Framed memorabilia encompasses a wide range of items, spanning from quirky novelties to highly valuable collectibles. At Framed Just For You, we have extensive experience framing various celebrity-related treasures, including autographed garments, costumes, and rare signed correspondence.



Medal memorabilia holds a significant place in the world of collectibles. These distinguished awards, often earned through acts of bravery, excellence in sports, or other exceptional achievements, carry with them not only historical significance but also personal stories of triumph and honor. Whether it's military medals, Sporting medals, or medals from various fields of accomplishment, they serve as tangible reminders of individuals' dedication and accomplishments.

Gymnastics frame with multiple cutouts for medals
ASW frame with multiple cutouts for medals and photos


At Framed Just For You, we specialize in framing a wide array of sports memorabilia, from NRL, AFL, and A-League jerseys to footballs, cricket bats, golf clubs, helmets, and more! Located on the Gold Coast, we bring our expertise to the world of sports collectibles. Showcasing your cherished sports memorabilia in your home, home bar, or office is bound to spark conversations.

Framed Sport Jerseys