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About Us

Framed Just For You was established in 1997 on Oxley Drive. In 2000, the store was relocated to 142 Brisbane Road, where it served the community for the subsequent two decades. A significant move took place in August 2019, bringing the business to its current location at 122 Brisbane Road. With nearly 60 years of collective experience in the picture framing industry, the journey continues.

Meet the Team

Diane Team Photo



Diane, our founder, embarked on her picture framing journey in 1993. In 1997, she realized her dream by opening her framing business on Oxley Drive. With her vision and dedication, the business thrived and has continued to this day. With over 30 years of experience in the industry, Diane's passion for framing continues to drive our business forward.

Bethany Team Photo



Bethany, one of our newest team member, successfully juggles her university studies with her passion for picture framing. Her enthusiasm shines through as she continues to make impressive strides in her framing skills, consistently delivering outstanding work.



With over three decades of framing experience, Karen has been an integral part of our team. Her exceptional artistic flair enables her to assist our customers in making challenging choices, delivering outstanding results.



John has been a valuable addition to our team and making significant contributions. With approximately six years of prior experience running his own picture framing business and a background in engineering, he brings a wealth of expertise.