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Have your canvases stretched on quality stretcher frames. All canvases are hand-stretched using stainless steel staples, using 100% Indian Cotton, 12oz triple primed canvas, quality timber and stainless steel staples. We also offer cotton polyester blend smooth canvas and black canvas. *We offer a full guarantee against warping and sagging.

If you're considering having an artwork or photograph on canvas stretched, it's essential to understand what you're paying for before choosing a framer. We also stock ready-made canvases, perfect for your painting projects. If you require a specific size not in stock, we can arrange for a custom-stretched canvas using our high-quality materials. These canvases are ready to hang, allowing you to showcase your finished piece instantly in your space.
Tiger painting on a rectangle canvas

How can I frame canvas?

We offer multiple different ways to frame canvas's each with a select taste and style.

Golf Ball display in example home space

Hang a standard canvas.

Golf Ball display in example home space

Place your canvas within an offset frame.

Golf Ball display in example home space

We can fit a standard frame as well.

Golf Ball display in example home space

Or we can fit a vintage style frame.

Canvases can be framed in just about anything, these are just some things to take inspiration for.