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Memorabilia framed the right way

Memorabilia NRL Football in Display case

Framed Just For You are your memorabilia framing specialists on the Gold Coast. Since 1998 we have been providing framing, mounting, display cases and bespoke solutions for all manner of memorabilia.

Your memorabilia is special and deserves to be handled and displayed correctly. Our conservation framing methods mean we take every effort to frame your piece in such a way that your memorabilia can be removed if need be and remain in it's original condition.

Collectibles Memorabilia Framing

Framed Bette Midler Memorabilia by Framed Just For You

Framed collectibles come in all shapes and sizes, varying from novelty pieces right up to the very valuable. Here at Framed Just For You we have framed all types of celebrity related memorabilia over the years from autographed clothing and costumes to rare signed letters.

We have completed many creative projects, such as a signed Andrew Lloyd Webber Phantom of the Opera Mask. To compliment the mask we made a lifelike candelabra which had wax and small lights on top of the candles, the addition of lights behind the mask finished the piece off perfectly.

Sports Memorabilia Framing

Framed Titans NRL Jersey by Framed Just For You

From framed NRL, AFL and A-League jerseys to footballs, cricket bats, golf clubs, helmets and much more! Framed Just For You are your experienced sports memorabilia framers here on the Gold Coast.

Displaying your favourite framed sports memorabilia in your home, home bar or office is sure to be a conversation starter. With over 1000 frames and many creative display styles to choose from we can have your sports memorabilia framed and ready to be hung within a week.

Something Special

Thinking of getting your special collectible or sports memorabilia framed? Learn more on why Framed Just For You are your specialists on the Gold Coast by calling us on 07 5563 9799 or via our contact form

Memorabilia We Have Framed

A sample of interesting memorabilia and collectibles we have framed include:

  • Ayrton Senna helmet and miniature cars
  • Michael Jackson autographed denim jacket
  • Autographed Madonna large as life poster
  • Golf club made of silver
  • Ian Thorpe swim suit
  • Susie O’Neill swimsuit
  • Nikki Hudson hockey uniform
  • Andrew Lloyd Webber autographed Phantom of the Opera mask
  • Lord of the Rings sword surrounded by lights
  • A letter written by Rudyard Kipling
  • A letter written by J F Kennedy
  • A cheque autographed by Joe DiMaggio for a meal with Marilyn Munroe
  • John Eales boots and jersey
  • Donald Bradman autographed bat
  • V8 Supercars Racing Helmets