Framing Supplies

Canvases Made to Order

Artist's Canvases Made to Order

We supply canvases made to order - an example of prices is set out below. We use top quality stretcher frames and stainless steel staples and a 100% cotton 12oz triple primed canvas.

1m x 1m = $180
1m x 1.2m = $210.00
1m x 1.5m = $240.00
1m x 1.8m = $260.00
1.5m x 1.5m = $280.00
2m x 1m = $280.00
2m x 1.5m = $330.00
2m x 2m = $380 (includes braces)
2m x 2.5m = $440.00
2.9m x 2m = $490

Canvas off the Roll

Artists Supplies Canvas off the Roll Gold Coast

Our canvas off the roll is 100% 12oz triple primed Indian Cotton and is 2.1m wide $42.00 per metre or 2.1m wide black canvas $52.00 per meter.

Matboards Cut to Size

Artist's Supplies Matboards Cut to Size

We offer a great range of matting colours and can cut to size to suit your needs. Double mats, multi holes, whole sheets are all available for purchase .

Framing Materials

Artist's Framing Materials Gold Coast

We sell mouldings by the length, matting by the sheet, d-rings in different sizes, screws and various framing hardware, tapes, backing boards both in fomecore and MDF, wire, string and standbacks.