All Day Workshops With Steve Tyerman 2020

Steve Tyerman Workhops at from Framed Just For You

Cost $130 per student. Workshops run from 9am til 4pm and are held subject to numbers (minimum of 5 students required), a deposit of $30 is required to confirm your attendance.

Workshop 1 Friday 21st February
'Colour Mixing/Colour and Tone' (any medium) – This will be a comprehensive workshop on mixing colours, everything from colour theory, palette setup and management, to creating a colour wheel and individualising your paintings through colour will be covered. Identify and mix cools and warms of each hue and learn to mix the colour you want in the correct tone. If you lack confidence in being able to mix any colour you see then this is the workshop for you.
Workshop 2 Friday 27th March
'Palette Knife 1' (oils and acrylics) – Ever wanted to let loose and create a vibrant, expressive painting using a palette knife, Steve will guide you through an impasto painting created with knives. You will learn techniques of mixing, application, wet-in-wet painting, and freeing up your style to create a loose, painterly picture full of movement and vibrancy.
Workshop 3 Friday 24th April
'Drawing' (pencil and charcoal) The ability to draw is essential to any painting, it is the basis of all figurative (recognisable) art and the structure behind most good abstract painting. Even if you do not intend to draw on the canvas, the ability to draw must be second nature. Steve will guide you through various drawing exercises to improve your artistic observational skills and how to translate what we see into lively marks on paper.
Workshop 4 Friday 29th May
'Plein Air - In Front Of The Landscape' (oils or acrylics) – Painting out in the landscape is a rewarding and challenging experience. It makes us carefully consider our composition, what to keep in and what to leave out, where to start and stop the scene, to simplify the subject and IT helps us to concentrate on the important elements, all while dealing with the challenges of outdoor painting. Steve will choose a site where we will meet, set up our easels and paint a picture in front of the scene. A fun and exciting day that will help develop and refresh your painting and interpretation skills.
Workshop 5 Friday 26th June
'Pastels' A medium in between drawing and painting, pastels are the closest thing to pure pigment you can paint / draw with and have been around for centuries. Steve will introduce you to this most immediate and 'hands on' of mediums, discuss the types of supports (papers) that can be used, guide you through the range of techniques and ways to make marks, layering and building a work, fixing and finishing a picture.
Workshop 6 Friday 31st July
'Palette Knife 2'(oils and acrylics) – The second palette knife workshop for the year. Steve will guide you through a painterly impasto painting created with palette / painting knives. You will develop all the techniques of palette knife painting including mixing, application, wet-on-dry and wet-in-wet painting, and freeing up your style to create a loose, painterly picture full of movement and vibrancy.
Workshop 7 Friday 21st August
'Painting Flowers' (oils and acrylics) - A colourful and popular subject, flowers have been painted for centuries. Steve will guide you through a contemporary approach to capturing a floral subject in a fun and loose painting style. Starting with a brief drawing, building with a broad approach and bringing the picture together with the finishing touches, the whole process will be covered in this fun workshop.
Workshop 8 Friday 25th September
'Oils For Beginners' (oils) - This is an introductory course to painting with oils, designed for the beginner or those who want to paint in oils but don't know where to start. There will be a discussion of paints, mediums and materials, equipment, supports (paper, canvas, boards etc) and techniques. Small studies will be completed throughout the day by Steve and the students to demonstrate various techniques.
Workshop 9 Friday 30th October
'Painting A Seascape' (oils and acrylics) - Learn how to paint water, 'catch the perfect wave' in paint, create atmospheric distance and the effect of water washing onto the beach. All of these challenges will be explained and demonstrated through the process of producing a seascape scene of south east Queensland.
Workshop 10 Friday 27th November
'Layering Acrylics' (acrylics) - Acrylics are a fast drying exciting medium. In this workshop Steve will guide you through a painting by creating several layers of fast drying paint, starting quite simply and gradually working towards an image, using various techniques and glazes to build up the painting through the day.
Art Class Workshops by Steve Tyerman Gold Coast

Steve has been drawing and painting from childhood and has been a professional artist since 2002 with successful solo and group exhibitions in Melbourne, Sydney and the Gold Coast and is currently represented by Anthea Polson Art Gallery on the Gold Coast and Montville Gallery on the Sunshine Coast.

Steve is a much sought after teacher with a handful of eagerly anticipated full-day workshops throughout the year, he teaches all styles and techniques in both oils and acrylics while his own work is easily recognised by the painterly use of thick oils executed with a palette knife.

He is an award winning artist and has been a finalist in numerous prestigious art prizes including the Eutick Memorial Still Life Award (EMSLA) 2012, 2010, 2009, 2008, 2007, QLD Figurative art Prize (Commended) 2014, The Border Art Prize (Highly commended) 2015 & 2007, Doug Moran Portrait Prize (semi finalist) 2012, Sunshine Coast Art Prize 2012, 2011, Redland Art Prize 2010, Fleurieu Water Prize 2011, Tattersalls Club Landscape Prize 2009, Stan & Maureen Duke Prize 2011, Norvill Art Prize 2006. His paintings are held in many private collections all over the world and public collections including the Gold Coast City Art Gallery.

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