Art Workshops with Kaylene Cooper 2021

Kaylene Cooper Workhops at from Framed Just For You

Cost $130 per student. Workshops run from 9am til 4pm and are held subject to numbers (minimum of 5 students required), a deposit of $30 is required to confirm your attendance.

Workshop 1 Saturday 27th February
'Layering of Colour' Discover that it is possible to do layers of washes with watercolour on top of each other. It is amazing the different effect you can achieve by simply adding a layer of another colour on top. This is part of how I achieve some of the detail in my paintings. Feel free to bring along any painting you have started or wish to do in this workshop.
Workshop 2 Saturday 27th March
'How to put Detail in your Painting' Today we look to find the detail’s that are in the picture/subject and discover how to emphasize these areas. Sometimes when we look at something we only see part of the picture and it is not until we stop and take a long hard look do we start to see what is really in it – this may include slight differences in colour, texture or even features that you had not noticed before. Feel free to bring along any painting you have started or wish to do in this workshop.
Workshop 3 Saturday 24th April
'What do we do with a Background' Does the background play a part in the picture or is there no need for one? A Background can take on many different purposes, it may push the subject of the painting forward, it may hide a mistake, it may highlight a pale area of painting or it can even be the subject of the painting. Feel free to bring along any painting you have started or wish to do in this workshop.
Workshop 4 Saturday 26th June
‘UFOs or How Do I Do’ Today is the day you win the battle over that project that you keep putting off……. YES we all have them, it is time to face those “Un Finished Objects” so bring along the paintings that you have not finished or don’t know how too, and see what we can do with them together. We will also go back over some of the areas in the previous workshops.
Art Class Workshops by Kaylene Cooper Gold Coast

If you are interested in putting detail into your artwork, either Watercolour or Acrylic pieces then you will enjoy and no doubt be challenged in Kaylene’s workshops. Most of her paintings feature Nature / Florals. Kaylene Cooper has always been interested in drawing & painting even as a child. It has only been since moving to the Gold Coast in 1987 that the opportunity arose to start painting again. This was by the way of folk art, setting her on the painting path and also led her to teaching (for a number of years), selling her pieces at local markets. The techniques learnt in folk art has given her control of the brush, which has helped her with Watercolour.

One artist that has greatly influenced Kaylene is Heidi Willis, and Kaylene had the pleasure of doing one of Heidi’s watercolour workshops in July 2019. Over the last 18 months a number of her paintings have been sold before completion. To be able to pass on what she has learnt over this time is one of her goals and to remove any misconceptions you may have about watercolour painting in general.

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