Art Workshops with Jan Lawnikanis 2020

Jan Lawnikanis Workhops at from Framed Just For You

Cost $130 per student. Workshops run from 9am til 4pm and are held subject to numbers (minimum of 5 students required), a deposit of $30 is required to confirm your attendance.

Workshop 1 Saturday 11th January
'Watercolour Techniques'(watercolour) - A workshop for the absolute beginner or anyone wanting to improve techniques in this tricky but delightful medium. A range of different subjects and styles will be covered. Students will be surprised how quickly they’ll be able to produce a painting they’ll be proud of. Jan has literally taught hundreds of beginners the fundamentals of watercolour painting so she knows what works best to get others started in their watercolour journey!
Workshop 2 Saturday 8th February
'Pen And Wash'(watercolours and ink) - Bring along your favourite travel photos (or use mine) to learn the skills required for sketching with pencil, ink and pen with added washes of watercolour and/or ink. Landscapes, buildings or street and water scenes will be the main focus, so knowledge will be gained in the use of perspective.
Workshop 3 Saturday 14th March
'Portraits In Coloured Pencil'(coloured pencils) - Colour pencils are a perfect medium to depict human faces. Learn how to achieve smooth blending of skin colours, gradations, edge and tonal changes. Close-up studies of facial parts will also be included to gain a better understanding of how to render these difficult features. Or choose the option of animal portraits if that is your preference!
Workshop 4 Saturday 18th April*
‘Drawing Nature’(graphite pencils) - Trees, plants and rocks are the subjects for this workshop. The focus will be on capturing the different characteristics and patterns of these beautiful forms. Drawing skills will be greatly improved with the knowledge gained from Jan’s instruction. *(3rd Saturday of April as Easter is the weekend before)
Workshop 5 Saturday 9th May Mother's day weekend
‘Floral Vignettes’(watercolour) - Treat yourself and/ or your mother to this special day of painting colourful flowers with watercolour in a vignette style. (A vignette is the style of painting where instead of four borders a part of the painting disappears into the white of the paper.) Jan will supply materials if you don’t already own some and you will be spoilt with home-made special delicacies to celebrate the honour of motherhood! Please be sure to book ahead and of course, you don’t have to be a mother yourself to attend.
Workshop 6 Saturday 13th June
‘Experimenting With Surfaces’(colour pencils) - Discover the possibilities of working on different supports that suit colour pencils. Have fun trying out various unusual papers that Jan will supply and see the array of other surprising surfaces that will inspire creativity. To the best of Jan’s knowledge there is no other workshop like this in Australia! So bring your pencils and be ready to try something different.
Workshop 7 Saturday 11th July
‘Understanding Light And Shadows’(watercolour) - Knowledge of the colour and temperature of light and shadows is essential for anyone wishing to improve their art skills. Jan will include lots of information and demonstrations to clarify this subject that is often either misunderstood or unknown about at all. Completing a still-life painting will consolidate this new information that can be applied to all media and subject matter.
Workshop 8 Saturday 8th August
‘Creating Mood With Neutral Tint’(watercolour) - TINT Learn how to establish subdued light effects with Neutral Tint, a grey paint pigment that changes the chroma of other colours without a temperature bias. Jan loves using this versatile pigment and you will also become enthused after seeing it in action in the projects provided! Bring a tube or learn how to mix it from colours in your palette.
Workshop 9 Saturday 12th September
‘Bookmaking For Beginners’(book binding) - Create your own artist book, journal, notebook or gift book from your favourite papers. Different types of stitching will be used to sew pages together in a decorative but functional way. We’ll start with basic stitching and build up to Japanese stab binding techniques. If time permits, you’ll also make the hard cover for your handmade book! Some tools and materials will be provided.
Workshop 10 Saturday 10th October
‘Experimental Nature In Watercolour And Ink’(mixed media) - This is a ‘play and see what happens’ workshop, where different mediums applied to a combination of watercolour and ink will result in lovely surprises. These explorations will then develop into paintings of the natural world. Techniques are based on the work of UK artist Ann Blockley.
Workshop 11 Saturday 11th November
‘Botanical Studies In Colour Pencil’(colour pencils) - Flowers, seeds and leaves are the subjects for those who love exploring detail. There will be a focus on rendering the correct colours, tones and features to create realism and beauty. A lesson on composition and the principles of design will be included so that students will acquire knowledge for their own future work.
Workshop 12 Saturday 12th December
‘Collage And Encaustic’(mixed media) - Start collecting an array of magazine/book pictures for this really inventive workshop! Old paintings and drawings can also be utilised, along with some found objects. Anything that can be glued flat will work, so this is a great way to use that arty collection of ‘junk’ that many creative’s amass. You will also be free to try out some encaustic techniques using wax as an adhesive and sealer instead of glue.
Art Class Workshops by Jan Lawnikanis Gold Coast

Jan Lawnikanis has taught regular art classes on the Gold Coast for the past 25 years and tutored over 100 workshops in various locations around Queensland and NSW. Students in all mediums have praised Jan for her teaching skills and this has gained her an excellent reputation with all ages.

In her personal art career, Jan’s beautifully presented work in various mediums has won many first prizes and other awards. Her commissions range from school theatre sets to a set for the QLD Conservatory of Music, 40 artworks for an apartment building, 15 artworks for an office floor, paintings for a restaurant as well as school murals and private works for client’s homes.

Jan has been the featured artist in Australian Artist Magazine, with 5 full-length articles on using coloured pencils. Other publications include the Paradise Magazine-GC Bulletin, Art Newsflash, the International Watercolour Institute catalogue, the Coloured Pencil magazine, Art Edit magazine, the Australian Coloured Pencil Network and Artwise textbook for the Australian Curriculum.

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