Art Workshops with Jan Lawnikanis 2021

Jan Lawnikanis Workhops at from Framed Just For You

Cost $130 per student. Workshops run from 9am til 4pm and are held subject to numbers (minimum of 5 students required), a deposit of $30 is required to confirm your attendance.

Workshop 1 Saturday 13th February
'Drawing Techniques'(Graphite Pencils) - A workshop designed specifically to help you hone your drawing skills with graphite (lead) pencils. The focus will be on learning to correctly ‘see’ shape and form. Starting with a series of exercises, students will gain a greater ability to complete a drawing project or two in the afternoon.
Workshop 2 Saturday 13th March
'Colour Pencils - Wet and Dry'(Watercolour Pencils) - Finally get to use those water-soluble (aquarelle) colour pencils that you’ve been hanging onto but didn’t know how to utilise! Discover different ways of working with these pencils and how to combine them with watercolour paint to get the best results for your chosen subjects. Also learn about using solvents for non water-soluble pencils and how to establish an underlay to quicken the colouring process. After some short exercises and information, students will create a coloured pencil painting with a variety of wet and dry techniques.
Workshop 3 Saturday 10th April
'Creating Mood with Neutral Tint'(Watercolour) - Learn how to establish subdued light effects with Neutral Tint, a grey paint pigment that changes the chroma of other colours without a temperature bias. Jan loves using this versatile pigment and you will also become enthused after seeing it in action in the projects provided! Bring a tube or learn how to mix it from colours in your palette.
Workshop 4 Saturday 8th May Mother's day weekend*
‘Colourful Flowers’(Watercolour) - Treat yourself and/ or your mother to this special day of painting colourful flowers with watercolour. Whether a beginner or experienced, there will be a project to suit. Jan will supply materials if you don’t already own some and you will be spoilt with home-made special delicacies to celebrate the honour of motherhood! Please be sure to book ahead and of course, you don’t have to be a mother yourself to attend.
Workshop 5 Saturday 12th June
‘Still-Life Painting In the Style of Shirley Trevena’(Watercolour) - After setting up our own still-life in the studio, we will analyse the methods of UK artist Shirley Trevena and emulate her painting approach. This will give you a greater appreciation for her unique style and introduce some other ways of painting in watercolour. Bring a camera, iPad, tablet or mobile phone to photograph the set-up.
Workshop 6 Saturday 10th July
‘Experimenting With Surfaces’(Colour Pencils) - Discover the possibilities of working on different supports that suit colour pencils. Have fun trying out various unusual papers that Jan will supply and see the array of other surprising surfaces that will inspire creativity. To the best of Jan’s knowledge there is no other workshop like this in Australia! So bring your pencils and be ready to try something different.
Workshop 7 Saturday 14th August
‘Painting White Flowers’(Watercolour) - This project caters for all skill levels. The day will be spent painting the subtleties of colours found in white flowers and learning how to maximise contrast. There will also be a focus on creating lovely, blurry backgrounds. All reference material will be provided and it is not essential to have drawing skills.
Workshop 8 Saturday 11th September
‘Undergrounds and Layers’(Graphite and Colour Pencils) - Create a graphite pencil tonal underground then layer with a ‘glaze’ of colour pencils. Stormy skies, moody landscapes and olde worlde scenes are some of the subjects that best suit this technique. Jan will bring a range of references to choose from.
Workshop 9 Saturday 9th October
‘Reflections in Watercolour’(Watercolour) - Paint reflections in water and/or on shiny surfaces and learn the science behind it. It’s not just a matter of painting what you see, but knowing what you see and why! Students will gain knowledge in painting reflections which will translate into skills useful for all media.
Workshop 10 Saturday 13th November
‘An Introduction to Painting with Gouache’(Gouache) - Although somewhat similar to watercolour paints, gouache requires some different techniques in its application. Its unique qualities are perfect for illustrations, poster-style work and subjects with a lot of detail. Learn how to use this medium with confidence and create an artwork with vibrant flat colour.
Workshop 11 Saturday 11th December
‘Incorporating Patterns and Motifs in your Artwork’(Watercolour and other media) - Using a created collage incorporating patterned papers, you will then paint this new reference in watercolour. Additional media may be added, such as gouache, pen, pencil and/or colour pencils. This takes an ordinary still-life scene for example and gives it some pizzazz! Subject choice could also be animals, birds, pets etc. Bring a paper print of a favourite subject and see how to give it more excitement.
Art Class Workshops by Jan Lawnikanis Gold Coast

Jan Lawnikanis has taught regular art classes on the Gold Coast for the past 25 years and tutored over 100 workshops in various locations around Queensland and NSW. Students in all mediums have praised Jan for her teaching skills and this has gained her an excellent reputation with all ages.

In her personal art career, Jan’s beautifully presented work in various mediums has won many first prizes and other awards. Her commissions range from school theatre sets to a set for the QLD Conservatory of Music, 40 artworks for an apartment building, 15 artworks for an office floor, paintings for a restaurant as well as school murals and private works for client’s homes.

Jan has been the featured artist in Australian Artist Magazine, with 5 full-length articles on using coloured pencils. Other publications include the Paradise Magazine-GC Bulletin, Art Newsflash, the International Watercolour Institute catalogue, the Coloured Pencil magazine, Art Edit magazine, the Australian Coloured Pencil Network and Artwise textbook for the Australian Curriculum.

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