Art Workshops with Chrissy Tysoe 2021

Chrissy Tysoe Workhops at from Framed Just For You

Cost $130 per student. Workshops run from 9am til 4pm and are held subject to numbers (minimum of 5 students required), a deposit of $30 is required to confirm your attendance.

Workshop 1 Saturday 20th February
'Painting Realistic Rose Portrait' (Acrylic and Oils) - Acrylic and finishing with Oils. Everyone loves roses, and to create a beautiful painting of your own is so rewarding. Among other things In this workshop we will be learning the importance of shadow and light in producing the illusion of transparent luminosity...and what better subject than the magnificent Rose!
Workshop 2 Saturday 20th March
'Fun with Mixed Media' (Acrylics, Cloth, Paper, Gauze, Moulding Paste etc) - Acrylics, and a variety of materials, cloth, paper, gauze, moulding paste etc. There's so much freedom to play, and experiment with mixed media. We will be learning techniques and creating texture in our artwork. Loads of FUN. Start collecting anything interesting to apply!
Workshop 3 Saturday 15th May
'Abstract Art' (Acrylic) -Sounds easy? In this fun, relaxed workshop, we will be learning some of the guidelines and keys to successful abstract painting. Including: colour, shape, line, space, balance, texture and value. It can be tricky, but the simplest adjustment can give the WOW factor! We will be doing 3 styles on the day. Floral, geometric, and pouring.
Workshop 4 Saturday 19th June
‘Creating Light in your Art’ (Watercolour) - It is widely considered one of the most important variables to the success of a painting. Without it, an otherwise beautiful subject can look like a 'cloudy day', dull, or 'mid toned. Where nothing really 'pops'. So, creating light and shadow is crucial, and this workshop shows you what to look for when choosing your subject to paint, and how to bring it all together.
Workshop 5 Saturday 17th July
‘Charcoal and Acrylic Painting’ (Charcoal and Acrylic) - Charcoal is fabulous as a medium all on its own, and in this workshop, we will learn various techniques to create lovely works. We Will also be using charcoal as our base sketch and using acrylics to complete our finished work. It is a very versatile technique, creating amazing effects that I’m sure will become a favourite. A great follow-on from our May Abstract Workshop.
Workshop 6 Saturday 21st August
‘Painting Realistic Paintings’ (Acrylics and Oils) - You will need to bring an enlarged A3 size picture that you would like to paint, which has definite light and shadow variation for best results. It needn't be just a posed face, it can be something very interesting like a child unwrapping a Christmas present, or engrossed in something. We are looking to "capture an expression"...or "emotion and feeling"..We will be learning a technique whereby we roughly underpaint in acrylic, and finish in oils....this way we achieve the beautiful blending that oil can produce. Happy hunting for that special subject!
Workshop 7 Saturday 16th October
‘Pen and Wash’ (Watercolour and Permanent Pens) - This is a lovely way to create quick references when out and about or travelling, and lends itself to things such as personalised greeting cards etc. With Christmas coming so quickly, this medium is very easy, loose, versatile and loads of fun. Often there is a picture within a picture and using some framing mats we'll be able to choose easily.
Workshop 8 Saturday 20th November
‘Palette Knife and Spatula’ (Acrylics and Oils) - There's nothing more joyful than playing with thick creamy paint and a palette knife and spreading it freely on a canvas! (In my humble opinion) Even more delightful is the ability to turn it into a lovely piece of art! Using tried and proven techniques and some basic planning, that is the aim of this workshop. Expect to be amazed and delighted at what you can produce! Bring along some pics that inspire you as references.
Art Classes by Christine Tysoe Gold Coast

Christine is a visual artist, now working and teaching on the Gold Coast, having spent her early years in picturesque Inverall, rural NSW, where at an early age she discovered her passion for colour and all things arty. Having experimented with a variety of mediums and attending many courses, Chrissy now favours sketching, watercolour, pen and wash, acrylics and oils. Her forte is portraits, especially children, her grandchildren being a constant inspiration …. And colourful subjects often from her own lovely garden. Chrissy is a published illustrator of children’s books, a successful art exhibitor and many commissioned works. Her aim as a teacher, is to help students develop their own unique style in whatever their chosen medium. “Being creative should be fun and uplifting… be brave, it’s just paint, and if it doesn’t work…. Well just paint over it!”

Highlights - TAFE Course – 3 years Visual Merchandising, Showcard and Ticket writing. 2008 Artisan Tour of Paris, Florence and Rome under the guidance of mentor and tutor of 5 years Lucja Ray. Annual Camp Creative courses with her sisters at Bellingen NSW. 2013 Studying under the gifted tutor and mentor Kevin Taylor and exhibiting with him at various exhibitions. 2016 Australian Institute of Creative Design, textile design course. Many tours of Asia, including Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia, Penang, KL ND Bali. Chiang Mai being of special interest and the inspiration for portrait “Chiang Mai Sisters”. There is just something very happy, natural and gentle about these people. Very little stress… we could learn so much from them. Guest speaker and solo exhibitor at WOSEF (Women of Substance Evening Fellowship). Paradise Point.

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